5 Misconceptions About Shipping Container Conversions

There are lots of misconceptions about shipping container conversion projects. Naturally, people are reluctant to go blindly into a new project for converting a container into a home, storage unit, or work site office. As more and more containers are released into the retail consumer market, supplies are becoming more and more creative with the design, use, and applications of converted cargo containers.

There are many common questions that people ask before as they begin to research converting a container. Five of the most common are below:

Q: Don’t converted shipping containers turn into ovens when they’re in direct sun?

A: No, not at all. A properly insulated container can be more energy efficient than a conventional home. If you use ceramic spray insulation, designed and used by NASA, it will adhere to metal and create a highly effective insulator for your container. This works great for containers converted into home, office, or mobile storage facilities.

Q: Isn’t insulating a container, especially with NASA quality spray insulation, really expensive?

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