Anonymous asked: hi, I live in Montrose Colorado. Would you have any used, 40' long containers for sale anywhere near this location? If not, do you have any for sale and what would the transport cost be for you to deliver?

Hi - we’ve got some solid, used 40’ containers in Denver and Salt Lake City that we could move out to you, but the delivery is $5.50/mile.  If you’d like more details let me know.

Moving a shipping or storage container with no forklift on site?  Not a problem if you’ve got a tilt bed truck!  Check out the video for “how to”


Anonymous asked: where can you get a decommissioned shipping container for less than 600 dollars?

You’d have to find a local private seller.  I don’t know of any retailer or wholesaler with prices that low.

Ever wonder how a shipping container gets delivered to a residential property?  Here’s a 20’ container being dropped off on a tilt bed trailer.  Read here for more ideas on shipping container delivery.

Used 40” container — Used 40” container

Anonymous asked: besides land, can you give me some basic info about turning a shipping container into a home? I'm looking to do this so that I don't have to deal with loans.

It really depends on how complex you’d like it to be.  To start, I’ll refer you to this artice on a cabin/shelter that we built:  Keep in mind that one has no plumbing or electricity, but it could be a starting point.  You’ll want to consider how it’s powered (on/off grid) and water supply.  I think once you have those addressed you just need to fill in your living requirements.

Shipping container shelter, built for the University of Pittsburgh by